How Do You Choose the Best Summer Camp for Your Child?

Summer is fast approaching. We are sure there are many parents and caregivers who are looking for that perfect summer camp, to enrich their child's life and give them a great, safe summer, filled with the best memories. If you are wondering, how to go about choosing the best summer camp for your child, please, read the check list below. Hopefully, it will make your choice an informed one. We found this check list on and really wanted to share it. 

"Must Ask Questions & Tips For Choosing A Summer Camp For Kids

1.  What is the purpose/mission of the camp and does that fit with your child?
2.  What goals or outcomes does the camp provider strive to accomplish with each child? (e.g. for a robotics camp will students build a fully functional robot by the end or just learn the basics?)
3.  Is the camp licensed by the State or does it have some other formal accreditation?
4.  What is the overall reputation of the camp provider and from online reviews and conversations with other parents, what is the sentiment from other about the camp provider?
5.  Can you tell me the ratio of instructors / counselors to campers?
6.  What are the ages and background experience of camp instructors and what are the camp provider’s qualifications for hiring staff?
7.  Are camp instructors trained in CPR? If water/swimming is involved, is there a trained lifeguard on duty at all times?
8.  Is there a doctor, nurse or other trained medical staff onsite?
9.  Is food provided by the camp or do kids have to pack their own?
10. How does the camp provider handle kids with food allergies?
11. How can parents communicate with their child while at camp?
12. Does the camp provider allow phones, tablets or other technology?
13. For day camps, is transportation provided? If not, what are the rules for early-drop off or late-pickup?
14. For overnight camps, where will kids sleep (tents, cabins, dormitories, etc.) and how accessible are certain facilities (bathrooms, showers, A/C, etc.)?"

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