Cuts And Scrapes: When To Call A Doctor

Everyone gets a minor cut or a scrape from time to time.  Our children are more prone to those types of injuries than adults.  Parents have set ways of making their little ones feel better and taking care of their wounds.  However, when tending to wounds and scrapes, there are certain warning signs that are universal, and apply to kids and adults alike.  We... found a great list of things to watch for and wanted to share them. Call your family doctor if any of the following things occur (as written by editorial staff):

•The wound is jagged

•The wound is on your face

•The edges of the cut gape open

•The cut has dirt in it that won't come out

•The cut becomes tender or inflamed

•The cut drains a thick, creamy, grayish fluid

•You start to run a temperature over 100°F

•The area around the wound feels numb

•You can't move comfortably •Red streaks form near the wound

•It's a puncture wound or a deep cut and you haven't had a tetanus shot in the past 5 years

•The cut bleeds in spurts, blood soaks through the bandage or the bleeding doesn't stop after 20 minutes of firm, direct pressure

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