Shoelace Tying Made Easy

A little help for parents who are teaching their little one to tie their shoe laces.  Found on, written by Melanie Penola. "Tying shoelaces is a tricky skill for little kids with little fingers to learn, but it's an essential milestone too. A great trick for teaching a child how to do it is to use a jump rope first. The Montessori for Learning blog writes about difficulty trying to show a young child how to tie her shoes because it was hard for her to see all the movements. An article on eHow offered the jump rope solution (and a rhyme that goes with it: "Build a teepee, come inside. Close it tight so we can hide. Over the mountain and around we go. Here's my arrow and here's my bow!"). The jump rope gives the kid a larger view of what's happening, and is easy to practice with."
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