Do You Need Some Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids in August?

Did You Know About National Smile Week? We didn't.

Taken from, written by Apryl Duncan

"National Smile Week

By Apryl Duncan

National Smile Week is celebrated during the 2nd week of August. There are a number of different ways you can celebrate and craft with your family for the occasion, including:

Make a list of things that make you smile.
Make a fun Emoji-themed craft.
Make a collage using pictures of smiles cut out of magazines.
Make smiley face masks using yellow paint and paper plates.
Have a smile-off. See who can smile the longest. To make it harder, see who can smile the longest without laughing!
Hold a non-smiling competition. Everyone sits and stares at each other without smiling. Whoever smiles is out. The last person not smiling wins.
Have apple or orange "smiles" (slices) for a snack.
Have a "Biggest Smile Contest.""


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