How Awesome! We Have Received A Review From "The Simple Moms"!!!!!

We are thrilled and honored to announce we have been recently reviewed by the super awesome blog .   Please, visit their blog for ton of fantastic and useful product reviews, DIY's, as well as lots of great recipes and crafts. 

About "The Simple Moms", taken directly from their website:


In 350 words or less, find out what theSIMPLEmoms find fabulous! Since 2007 SIMPLE has been blogging and talking about what’s hot and occasionally what’s not. We strive to be the go to site for moms all around the US and beyond. And did you know, all of us Moms were first readers just. like. you. Now more about our readers…

Women are our target readers. You can find us talking daily about anything fun, interesting and useful.

On SIMPLE, you will not read about any products that we have not used and tested ourselves. More often than not you will see pictures of us using the items we are talking about. Bottom line, we tell you how we honestly feel about the items we use. You can be rest assured that you will be provided a link to find the items too. (In exchange for the review and exposure on our site, the product is kept by the reviewer.)

In addition, we have lots of great recipes, crafts and DIY’s we can’t wait to share with you too!

Drop us a line and let us know how your day is going too!"




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