Compliment Your Child

Who doesn't love compliments? Praise for something we did well? A hug? A kiss? A loved one telling you they love you? We think it would be very hard to find someone who would not enjoy a well deserved compliment, or an expression of emotion from a loved one. Yes, our lives tend to get super busy and we may forget to do these things frequently. But when you are a grownup, its understandable.  Our little munchkins may have other feelings. No matter what happens in our busy lives, we should always remember to give our children compliments and love, so they will grow up with confidence! We found this great little article about complimenting children on / nanny 911 tips: "Give your kid compliments. Each day, make sure your kids hear the following phrases from you: I love you. Please. Thank you. Thank you for being my child. I'm proud of you. I believe in you. I trust you. Make your compliments meaningful. Don't just compliment your kids for doing what's expected of them, or for something minor (or just for being cute. We know they are!). Compliments should be reserved for actual accomplishments! Don't pour on the praise for something they didn't actually do. And never say they are the Best in the World in anything. I'm sure that your child is going to do MANY wonderful things today; the key is to look for the right opportunity to praise them. Praise them appropriately. When your kids do something special, like draw you a picture or get dressed by themselves, that's when you can tell that you're proud of them. Yes, rewarding your children reinforces good behavior, but they are validated simply by knowing that they've pleased Mom and Dad. Slip them a note. If your children can read or are in school, tuck a note in their backpack or lunchbox and let them know how you feel about them. If you have a pre-reader, print out some positive, note-size images (like thumbs up or smiley faces) to provide encouragement. A little acknowledgment can go a long way. Give compliments around the house.While you're at it, give your partner, grandma or even the dog a compliment. It sets up a positive environment in the home that Mom and Dad encourage each other, too! So remember: Dole out the compliments for your kids' accomplishments and achievements. Let them know how you feel." We happened to think there can never be too much love or too many compliments! Spread the joy! Hug and kiss your loved ones! And give a compliment today!
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