Are You Searching For an Easy and Fun Fall Activity for the Whole Family? We Have One Right Here...

The fall is here. Kids are spending more time indoors and sometimes are bored because they have nothing to do. Here is a fun and easy activity which will bring the whole family together. We found this super easy and fun craft to do with your kids at and really wanted to share it. 

"Owl Handprint

Supplies Needed to Make this Handprint Owl Craft

Blue, Orange, Yellow and Green cardstock
Brown Paint
White Cardstock – 12×12 size to fit the tree branches

Owl Craft for Kids
1. First, make your tree and branches by taking strips of newspaper and rolling them up to the size you’d like them to be. Make your trunk much wider than your branches. Scrunch up the paper when you’re rolling them to give the tree trunk and branches a little bit of depth.

Tape or glue your newspaper to your white 12×12 cardstock.

You can paint the branches and tree after you have placed them on your paper or you can paint your newspaper before you place on your paper. For more advanced painters and older kids it may be easier to paint after you place the newspaper down. For younger kids it would be easier to have them paint the newspaper first and then make your tree and branches.

2. Trace your handprints and glue to your branches. You can also make your owls first and then glue them at the end.

To make your owl, you’ll also need:

2 white eyes (we traced around a glue stick for size).
A small beak – use yellow cardstock and draw a triangle. Fold it over and then cut it out and glue to your owl.
Cut out two small triangles for the owl’s ears and glue behind the handprint.
Draw small eyes with a black marker or sharpie.
Glue your feathers to the thumb and pinky finger.

3. For a finishing touch, cut out 4 leaves from your green cardstock and glue to your paper.

You can make the owls any colors you’d like! We love the way the orange and blue look together but you could also do pink and blue or orange and red for Fall colors.

For teachers, you can make a large display of owls and get the kids to help create the tree and branches from newspaper."


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