What some of KneeBees customers think and say about our knee pads?

“…Our 3 year old that has mobility issues is using these and they are awesome. They are tough and easy to wash and he wears them every day for school. Thanks!”
– WY from TX

“I use to keep my accident prone child from skinning her knees outside constantly. They stay on/up and have helped prevent many accidents already. ”
–  ALO

“… Great product. Will use these all summer to protect my daughter's knees while playing outside....”
–  Jose M from CT

“… I bought a pair for my 2 year old who falls EVERYTIME we are out for a walk....and they are perfect! We even use them in the splash pad at our local park. They wash and dry very well too. We like them so much I just ordered a pair for my daughter (4 1/2) who has used her brothers. They stretch great between the two of them. Plus they are still cute. We've had the pair for one month so far...”
–  Bekki 

“… Two layers thick that's why I like it. It also well remains on my kid knees. When my 2 year old child fell couple of times on a ground, it started to loose the threads, nice look get lost a little. But it keeps well the shape. Also my baby dressed it up ones in a kiddie pool, so I can say when they wet they not starching and it's good.”
– L. 

“… Helps kids protect their knees, look fashionable and display support for the USA.
– J. B. 

“… Our son is a double below knee amputee. If he's not wearing his feet he is speed crawling around the house! Volleyball pads are too big for him still. After careful searching we discovered these are PERFECT. We're so grateful for a washable + simple product that is keeping our son moving...but also protecting his knees on the hardwood floors. Thank you for making a quality product! …”
– G. H.

“… This product saved our daughters knees multiple times when she was 2-3 and would play outside in shorts. She fell on her knees several times on the paved driveway and concrete patio. They are thick but comfortable so we never had any issues getting her to wear them. Not one scratch, bruise or tear thanks to this wonderful product. …”
– Karina

“… So in love with these! They are amazing! Great quality, fits well over my daughters Lil chubby knees. She is 11 months old and they fit her great. I love how you can just throw them in the wash and they go right back to the original size. They do take forever to dry but only because of how thick they are. We've gotten so many compliments from friends and family. Most of all my daughter loves them!”
– Candice H.

“… My baby is happy! I am happy! No more redness and irritation!!! No wounds either!!!!!
Unbelievably versatile product. We have used it when my boy first started to crawl to promote exploration and development. Now he started walking, and we keep on putting these knee pads on while on playground / outside, as he still crawls sometimes, and trips / falls while walking. We get compliments on how cute they look all the time. Most importantly: not one wound! These knee pads do exactly what they are suppose to do. And they stay on nicely. We stretched them according to instructions and they were a perfect fit (after a few trials). We also wash them a lot, and they hold up super well. The color did not fade much, and the paws are all still there. I even tried to put the knee pad on a 2 liter bottle of soda once (as the company claims knee pads can fit over it). And it actually did fit :)!!!! I also had a question about using these knee pads as elbow pads, wrote to company and they responded right away. Super great customer service!!! Happy to report these knee pads make really great elbow pads as well. I think all reviewers who had problems with size, did not stretch them completely. I will be buying more of these great pads as time goes on, without a doubt!!! Thank you!!!”
– Zain, New York, NY

“… I love these pads! This was a great product for my baby who has been crawling throughout the floor. I only have tile and hardwood floors so her knees and elbows were definitely taking a toll. I ended purchasing 2 sets (one for her elbows, and one for her knees), because she is doing a "military style" crawl where she puts her weight on her elbows and uses her knees to push her across the floor.
As for the product itself, the pads stay in place very well. The pads for the elbow slipped on easily, and the ones for the knees needed a little bit of stretching, the way the instructions said. I like that they have a grip that covers throughout the entire front part of the pad, instead of just a small section. The material is nice and soft, and was definitely way more cushiony and thicker than I expected, which is great! They also seem really durable.
I recommend this product to anyone who's baby is becoming more mobile with crawling and even walking, to prevent getting injured on their knees when they fall. Awesome product!”
– Irene G.

“… Great quality and they stayed up and never slipped. My grandson was tooling around much faster than he ever had been because of these. Padding is great on them. Thank you so much for the prompt fulfillment of my order and quick delivery. Great concept, too!”
– Liza, Middletown, CT

“… Great product, really protects my daughter’s knees when she runs around outside, plus they look cute with a variety of outfits. She is a rough and tumble two-year old and was always falling and skinning her knees. She actually likes wearing them and wants to wear them, another bonus!”
– Amy, Pittsburgh, PA

“… Product is great and package arrived on time inspite of Christmas time shopping rush …”
– V. P. Mukilteo, WA

“… Will stretch to fit. When you wash it it snaps back to original size. Very cute. Will fit under clothes as well without being very noticeable. I have bought 3 pairs so far. Love them …”
– L.F.

“… Great product, and it arrived quickly too. Much appreciated!”
– Catherine, San Rafael, CA

“… These are great option for crawler on hard or slippery floors …”
– S & R, Cypress, TX

“… My 9th month son loves his knee pads …”
– A., Hayward, CA

“… Fits my baby girl great. Help her crawl with out heartening her knees. She was stopping to reposition her knees and would crawl with one leg twisted and sitting down scooting. Now with them she’s a pro …”
– Susan, New Jersey

“… They are thick enough to cushion knees and they provide protection for clothes. I wouldn’t keep them on all day because they are a snug fit. They have expected slipping due to normal movement of a 6 month old …”
– Y.

“… Received them yesterday and my 10 month old grandson is wearing them today and crawling all around the hardwood floors without slipping …”
– DJ

“… Bought 3 different types of knee pads and these are the best ones …”
– Jose

“… I received the product in a timely fashion. The product is thick which concerned me but I quickly realize as the product stretch it will last longer and the thickness of the pads is important to have considering I have tile floors. My little one seem to be comfortable and I am happy he is no longer slipping on the tile floor …”

“… Do your Friends a favor, do your Family a favor and tell them, “This Product is Superior !” Because your Child is going to fall, hurt themselves … No !!! Not with these. You think these look the same as others. They are not !!! And they will LOVE you for that advice. Get this product. It will protect your children. Guaranteed !!!”
– Norman G New York, NY

“… Love the knee pads, fast delivery …”

“… I like them because with as much as he plays on his knees he won’t wear out his jeans faster than he grows out of them (he’s a little guy) …”
– D.M. from St. Paul ,MN

” … Super stretchy, nice color. My kid falls a lot and these knee pads offer much needed protection by staying in place. I especially like they can fit under a pair of pants and still feel very comfortable. Very happy we gave these a try. Recommend to all who have active kiddos …”
– R.S. from New York, NY

” … Exactly as described & item arrived on time. We love these for our 3 year old, they do a great job protecting her knees when she is running & playing. We like them so much we have purchased several pairs …”

– M.P. from Northridge, CA

” … For a very rambunctious tomboy 2 yr old these are the bees knees!! Hot for summer but shes playing and doesn’t seem to mind. Its these or band aids and tears …what would you want ..?”
– S. M. from New Britain, CT

” … These are perfect for my 2 year old to wear on bike day. Very hard to get knee pads that will fit such skinny little legs but these are perfect. Very thick and comfortable and of course the colors are so cool! Fast shipping. Thank you …”
– K. L. from Midlothian, VA

“… bought these for my 15 month old for a hike and playing outside. she was falling and re-skinning the same places on her little knees. these are perfect. comfy, flexible and i can tell they give her more confidence while playing outside!!! they also wash incredibly well and keep their snug fit OR stretch out a bit if needed. will recommend!!! good buy …”
– K. H. from Arvada, CO

” … Easy to order. Easy to pay (Paypal). Shipping progress emailed to me. Delivered on time. Product exactly as described … “
– T. P. from Sanger, CA

” … Wonderful knee pads. Work as intended. Great quality!!! Will buy again. Thank you! … “
– A.N. from Hazlet, NJ

” … Good quality thick knee pads. Exactly what I needed … “
– S.L. from Chatsworth, CA

” … Perfect in every way … “
– D.O. from Thonontosassa, FL

” … Item was exactly as described and shipping was fast! Highly recommend! … “
– R.O. from Wewahitchka, FL

” … I kid you not the Best invention ever! … the cutest hipster knee pads, meant for kids on the go! … They are super soft, comfy and possibly the cutest things ever! … An Official GOOF PROOF product …. No More Hurt Knees at the Park… YIPPEE! … “
– a review by “Sarah with an H”

“… unlike leggings, they are thick enough to not rip or fray when she falls…”
– a review by “Growing Up Geeky”

“… My daughter falls and gets right back up. No crying. Makes her more independent and gives me peace of mind with one less thing to worry about …”
– Moshe M. from New York, NY

“… comfortable, lightweight, and do not restrict little ones’ leg movement in the slightest …”
– Kickboard USA

“… I LIKE IT !!! I LIKE IT ..!!! “
– Joseph F. from Old Bridge, New Jersey

“… I was eager to try Knee Bees. Not only are they cute but they protect those precious chubby little knees….They are also nice and soft and stretchy….”
– a review by “Mallory’s Musings”

” … They’re very fashionable as well as practical …”
– Laura G. from New York, NY

“… I can honestly say, after putting her in them for the past two weeks, I don’t know how we managed without them before. If you have a little one who wipes out as often as my gal, I recommend you check ’em out! …”
– a review by “Brock Paper Scissors”

“… Excellent knee pads for my granddaughter! …”
– K.G. from Hixson, Tennessee

“… KneeBees exactly as described. Well made and comfortable on my 2yr old. His knees were a mess and are now healing really well because of KneeBees …”
– M. M from West Hempstead, NY

"...I admit I was pretty skeptical when I bought these for my son as to how well they would actually work, I had scoured the internet pouring over reviews of every different baby knee pad I could find and wasn't sold on any single one, they all seemed to say the same thing: constantly slide down or too tight on my baby. My 10 month old is large for his age and accordingly has nice chunky thighs to go with, but we have tile floors in most of the main floor of our house which are always horribly cold for bare little legs and some sharp edges where it meets the carpeted area, so I really needed to find something for him to save his poor knees. The price tag on the KneeBees scared me off at first but after all the online searching I did I came back to these as being the best reviewed and ordered a set and I have to say, I am so happy with how well they work!! They are so thick and soft and just stretchy enough to fit thick chunky thighs comfortably without being too tight and snug enough that they aren't constantly sliding down. Plus I love how the rubber grips are over the entire front side instead of one little area. Definitely glad I got them!!"

- T. W. from NJ

“… This is a really great product. We purchased these for our one-year old daughter who is still crawling and very active. We wanted to protect her knees especially as we are gearing up for the summer season and she'll be wearing shorts more frequently than pants. The rubber traction adds an extra layer of protection. So great! …”
– Angela T. 

“… I'v had these for almost 2 years now. They work on knees greatly. We used for when our twins started to crawl and will be using again for our 3rd baby. Thanks for a awesome product. …”
– Becca

“… Amazing! Saves my kids knees while bike riding. They're not restrictive of movement like the bulky plastic kind but they're really thick and save them from scrapes. I'm ordering them again as elbow pads. …”
– Mike from OH

“Great for babies learning to crawl, really helped with the bruises and gripped the wood floor so she could crawl easier. …”
– Elizabeth R

“… ...they don't slide down and they do a good job of protecting tiny knees from getting scraped …”
– Kim


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