See Our Knee Pads in Action!

KneeBees knee pads in Action: The Great Chase

This is officially the first time KneeBees knee pads were seen in the "wild". No animals were harmed during the production :)




 --- - Best Knee Pads for Kids - now time for some serious safety update!!!


This video was written, directed and performed by KneeBees knee pads Little Bee. We think she did an outstanding job!!!


KneeBees Knee Pads - Summer is a Happy Time

KneeBees Little Bee wanted to speak about summer fun, safety, and our awesome knee pads. 

KneeBees Bee is on Time Square, protesting scraped/skinned knees on behalf of children everywhere

Sometimes we get so passionate and excited about protecting children, we cannot contain ourselves. Here is the Big Bee dancing in the famed New York Times Square. 


KneeBees Bees are reading Good Night Moon

The Big Bee spent a lot of time teaching the Little Bee how to read. It was a truly proud moment for a Big Bee to see the Little Bee finally read the best book ever: "Good Night Moon." by Margaret Wise Brown.



KneeBees Bee Science Experiment – Rocket Launch

Science - Baking soda and vinegar 


KneeBees Bee Science Experiment – Volcano

Science - cola and mentos



KneeBees in Action: Traveling - KneeBees knee pads really work anywhere and anytime!

Keep kids safe by wearing KneeBee knee pads


Check out our knee pads today - the new colors you have been waiting for are here!!!