Tired of Cleaning Pots and Pans After Adding Sticky Ingredients?

We found this awesome tip on www.Lifehacker.com , written by Alan Henry
"If you've ever had to measure honey, molasses, or corn syrup for a recipe, you know it kind of sucks. You never get as much out as you put in, and the measuring cup is hard to clean afterward. Well, Alton Brown has a simple fix: Spray it with some non-stick cooking spray first. Sticky stuff slides right out.
[caption id="attachment_973" align="alignnone" width="300"] Photo by Sarah Fleming[/caption]

All you do is give your measuring cups or spoons a quick spray with cooking oil (if you have a spritzer you fill with oil, that'll work too) before you pour in the sticky stuff. You don't need a ton of spray either—a quick pass will do. You just want to coat it so the honey or sauce or whatever you're measuring slides right off."

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