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Customer Review

“… Do your Friends a favor, do your Family a favor and tell them, “This Product is Superior!” Because your child is going to fall and hurt themselves … No!!! Not with these. You think these look the same as others? They are not!!! And they will LOVE you for that advice. Get this product. It will protect your children. Guaranteed!!!” - Customer Review (Norman G, New York)

Customer Review

“… My baby is happy! I am happy! No more redness and irritation!!! No wounds either!!!!!
Unbelievably versatile product. We have used it when my boy first started to crawl to promote exploration and development. Now he started walking, and we keep on putting these knee pads on while on playground / outside, as he still crawls sometimes, and trips / falls while walking.”
– Zain, New York, NY

  • “… I bought a pair for my 2 year old who falls EVERYTIME we are out for a walk....and they are perfect! We even use them in the splash pad at our local park. They wash and dry very well too. We like them so much I just ordered a pair for my daughter (4 1/2) who has used her brothers. They stretch great between the two of them. Plus they are still cute. We've had the pair for one month so far...”
    – Bekk

  • “… This product saved our daughters knees multiple times when she was 2-3 and would play outside in shorts. She fell on her knees several times on the paved driveway and concrete patio. They are thick but comfortable so we never had any issues getting her to wear them. Not one scratch, bruise or tear thanks to this wonderful product. …”
    – Karina

  • “… So in love with these! They are amazing! Great quality, fits well over my daughters Lil chubby knees. She is 11 months old and they fit her great. I love how you can just throw them in the wash and they go right back to the original size. They do take forever to dry but only because of how thick they are. We've gotten so many compliments from friends and family. Most of all my daughter loves them!”
    – Candice H.