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Check out our awesome knee pads and other accessories for crawling infants and older kids!!!

For families who want to ensure their kids' well-being, KneeBees is a trusted source of safety accessories, where each item has been kid-tested and parent-approved, letting kids of all ages safely explore the world!

Our knee pads really work!!!


We are proud and excited to present to you our latest product – KneeBees, the knee protection pads for crawling babies and older children which will help to take the sting out of falls. KneeBees Inc. is a family-owned and operated company, which is based in New York City. KneeBees knee pads were first created as knee protection for our daughter years ago, when she first started to crawl. So many parents kept asking where they can purchase such a great invention, we decided to share our wonderful KneeBees with the world. After many design improvements, we are proud to present a pad, specifically designed for the comfort and cushioning of little knees. KneeBees knee pads have been recently granted a US patent, which we are very proud of! Our knee pads are made out of two layers of soft, stretchy and breathable cotton-blend material, specifically formulated to offer utmost knee comfort. KneeBees are made for kids of all ages who love to play outdoors, as well as for babies who are just learning how to crawl (for this design, we added rubber paws for traction). KneeBees will make all kids feel more comfortable, and parents will feel a little bit better about inevitable falls of their little ones. We hope you will love our KneeBees elbow and knee protective knee pads for crawling infants, toddlers and active older kids as much as we do, and we hope you will put them on your bundles of joy whenever they need a little extra padding for their knees. We are firm believers the small steps we take today to protect our children and their elbows / knees can make a big difference tomorrow. Even though we realize there is still work to be done, we are up for the challenge. We are having a great time with our KneeBees knee pads and will continue to come up with ways to diversify the colors combinations and improve every day.

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