How KneeBees Work

The Science Behind KneeBees Knee Pads

There is no other product on the market today which is designed to work like our knee and elbow pads. KneeBees knee and elbow pads are a 100% unique, patented, double-layered design, which works as follows: upon impact, the outside layer of KneeBees knee pads absorbs the friction. The inside layer of KneeBees knee and elbow pads, which is close to the skin, stays in place, thus protecting the knee from scrapes, scratches, scuffs or grazes.

PLEASE NOTE:  KneeBees knee pads are very stretchy and therefore, highly customizable.  If they feel too tight on the knees, feel free to stretch them with your hands to desired width.  Stretched too much?  No worries! Just wash KneeBees knee and elbow pads, and they will go back to their original size, so you can try again.

KneeBees knee pads are a perfect accessory for babies who are first learning to crawl and walk.

We have designed our awesome knee pads to protect kids up to age 8.


See KneeBees in Action !!!