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Soft Protective Elbow Pads for Kids, More Colors Available

Soft Protective Elbow Pads for Kids, More Colors Available

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Protective Cotton Elbow Pads for Kids - Indoor and Outdoor Use

Designed for children ages 7 months to 8 years old
Provides protection and cushioning for elbows
Allows for full range of motion
Breathable, absorbent and comfortable to wear
One pair per package, Cotton 85%, Spandex / Latex Blend 15%

Designed for children, age 7 months - 8 years.

Can be worn on bare elbows, or over clothes. KneeBees elbow pads can be used either indoors or outdoors and made out of soft, stretchy and breathable cotton blend, specifically formulated to offer the most elbow comfort. KneeBees elbow pads are designed to allow for full range of motion. Protect and cushion elbows during active play, or even when learning how to crawl. KneeBees are a unique, patented, double-layered design, which works as follows: upon impact, the outside layer of KneeBees absorbs the abrasion. The inside layer of KneeBees elbow pads, which is close to the skin, stays in place, thus protecting the elbow from scrapes, scratches, or scuffs. Machine washable in warm water. May be tumble dried. Do not bleach. Imported. PLEASE, NOTE: KneeBees elbow pads are very stretchy and therefore, highly adoptable to any elbow size. If they feel too tight on the elbow, feel free to stretch them with your hands to desired width. Stretched too much? No worries! Just wash KneeBees elbow pads and they will go back to their original size, so you can try again.

Our elbow pads are comfortable and soft!  Try a pair today!!!

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