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How to Dress for Winter

Chilly days are here. How should we dress our kids so they will be warm and comfortable? This article gives a basic idea about what kinds of clothing should a child wear indoors and outside.

The ABC'S of Teaching Nutrition to Your Kids

With child obesity rising, parents are more and more concerned about feeding their children the right kinds of food. But our bundles of joy are not always willing to eat what is good for them. This is a very helpful article to any parent who wants to teach their child about proper nutrition.

The FBI kids safety tips

The FBI website has some great safety tips for kids. One tip is really easy and something we did not think about when teaching our daughter: come up with a safety word only parents and a child would know. Then, if any stranger comes up and tells a child to go with them, because they are a friend of a parent, a child can ask for a safety word. If that stranger will not respond, a child should run away fast. We will definitely come up with a safety word with our daughter.

5 Surprising Halloween Health Hazards

Its almost that time of the year, favored by everyone - a holiday filled with spooky fun, and trick or treating. Some things in this article surprised the KneeBees out of us.

Environmental Group to Rate the Safety of 10,000 Foods

Great news for anyone who is concerned about proper nutrition and healthy living.

The 6+ Synthetic Fabrics You Most Want to Avoid, and Why

This article will help to choose safe clothing for kids and grownups alike. Most fabrics now contain some kind of chemicals, whether it is to add color, make them more durable or for extra softness. There are no standards in USA to regulate amounts of most of those chemicals in fabrics. By reading the article you will be able to make a more informed decision when it comes to purchasing safe clothing for yourself and your family.

A Child Safety Guide for Parents. This website would be a great help to any parent who worries about their child's safety in various environments. We recently used animal safety and Halloween safety sections, since the holiday is fast approaching.

Child Safety and Abuse Prevention Program

This is a great resource for all parents with young children. Many times parents want to explain to their little ones how to behave in certain situations, but cannot find the right way to do it. This website has a lot of books on different safety subjects, which are written for very young children, with colorful illustrations. There are books about fire safety, what do do if lost, dog safety, safety around the house and many others. These books can be read online or downloaded and printed.

Stay Healthy Tips for Kids in School

This is a great article with tips on how to stay healthy during school year. Sleep, frequent hand washing and good breakfast are some of the recommendations for all children and teenagers. The article also describes common illnesses to watch out for.

SafeKids USA

This is a great resource for all parents to find out how to keep kids safe at home, on the street, and while driving. We recently used Fire Prevention for Big Kids At Home section to teach about fire safety and what to do in case of fire emergency. Great advices for all parents, educators and safety professionals alike.