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American Academy of Pediatrics

This is a great website for any parent with concerns or in need of some great tips. Illnesses, immunizations, proper nutrition, child safety or first aid - AAP website has information about everything.​s/safety.cfm

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

We all know it is very important to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. This also applies to very young children who are just starting to learn how to ride a tricycle. Many parents think a helmet is not necessary for very young kids, because tricycles have training wheels and seem to be more stable. EVERYONE should wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, no matter what age they are. But how to choose the correct one? This website will help choose bicycle helmets for both children and adults. And they have a quick buying guide:

The Great Chase - short film by KneeBees

We made a short film with KneeBees in testing :)

12 Most Contaminated Fruits and Vegetables

A very useful article about which fruits and veggies have the most pesticides and should be bought organic, and which are the cleanest, so we can still enjoy them and save some money. Great info about fresh produce safety for all parents, and especially for anyone with allergies. We should all eat healthy, especially our children, since they are so small, fragile and especially susceptible to all outside pollutants.

Environmental Working Group 2011 Sunscreen Guide

We love this website for many reasons. First, it provides information about sunscreens you may already be using, and tells you if the suncreen is actually doing the job its label promises. Second, it talks about the ingredients in suncreens and their effect on our health. This guide will help to choose the safest, most effective sunscreen for every member of your family. We hope you use it and stay in good health.

What kinds of fish are safe for our kids to eat and how much should they have?

We found KidSafe Seafood website very useful in finding safe fish and seafood choices for our Liza. The website tells you not just what is safe and what is not, but also explaines the reasons why. Now when we make fish soups and seafood chowders or order them in a restaurant, we can feel good knowing they are safe for our Liza to eat.

Kneebees now has a channel !!!

Kneebees now has a channel at and you can watch the first video:  KneeBees in Action: Traveling by clicking on the following link:

The Mommy I'm Here child locator device.

The Mommy I'm Here child locator device. It comes with two bears that attach to a belt or shoes, and a remote. All batteries are included. The teddy bear shaped receiver is water resistant and Liza loves wearing it. Very easy to use right out of the box. We bought this device six months ago. Its been very effective in easing our minds when visiting playgrounds or shopping malls. As soon as we press a button on the remote, a series of loud beeps come out of the bear and we know where Liza is. It also lets Liza know we are looking for her and she comes running to us right away. It is a cute and inexpensive way of finding your child. You can find more information about this awesome little mommy helper and purchase at one of the links below.
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